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Palamountains products

Established as innovators in the animal supplement industry, PalaMOUNTAINS offers you a unique range of oil-based products designed to improve the overall health of your animals.

"palaMOUNTAINS unique patented oil emulsion will greatly help and increase the production of your animals."

Professor Brian Wilkinson - Massey University, New Zealand

Professor Brian Wilkinson - Massey University “Animal nutrition is much like a 'production line' in the slaughterhouses, where there are many processing lines with workers at different stages along each process line doing things with the carcass to first remove the coat, viscera, etc. and later break the carcass into cuts.


The animal's digestive system is similar when there is a series of bacteria and enzymes (process workers) that break down the food it has eaten and then process lines in the body to use the absorbed nutrients and muscle, fat, bone, wool, etc. build. The effectiveness of the bacteria and enzymes in the intestines and body strongly depends on what the animal is feeding. The speed at which the bacteria and enzymes can work varies from slow to flat and it all depends on whether they are fed the right balance of nutrients.


We can give them the feeling (the digestive system) to work more efficiently by providing them with important nutrients (palaMOUNTAINS Revive etc.), so that they are able to work at maximum capacity.


However, the rate of actual work depends on how much of the correct food the animal is ingesting, which in turn affects the weight of the animals, which in turn affects the quality of their overall production, ie type of weight gain, health, wool growth etc.


Whether the animal gets heavier depends entirely on the quality and amount of food the animal receives; so palaMOUNTAINS Revive etc. not only contributes to weight gain, but helps and promotes the speed at which the digestive system can work. Total animal production requires that the animal eats enough of the right food and gets the right nutrients every day; a shortage of food or nutrients for an extended period of time will result in weak production.

palaMOUNTAINS unique patented oil emulsion with an absorption level of 99.5% will greatly help and increase the production of your animals. ”

There are products for horses, dogs, cats, pigeons.

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